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Rape Culture Is Real (And You’re Probably A Feminist)

Ah, the Great Facebook Debacle of February 2014. Thirty-six hours of sweat, tears and phone-calls to check that friendships remained intact. The subject? “Why are feminists called feminists and not just equalists?” and “Why I’m anti-feminist but pro-equality.” As anyone who’s read my blog before – or, indeed, been in my presence for more than a sum total of around ten minutes, probably – will know, these are issues very close to my heart. And I’m sure the same people could vouch for the fact that I just can’t resist a good bit of controversy. So here’s a more considered, researched response to some of the arguments made against feminism. Let the games begin!

Intro) Why should I be a FEMinist if I want equal rights?
“Feminists are fighting for equal rights for women, why? Why specify that much? Why not fight for everyone’s rights in one hit?”
“Feminism is called feminism because it’s all about raising the rights of females. If it was called equalism it would be about raising the rights of everybody, however feminists aren’t interested in men’s rights. Nothing to do with equality.”
“Is it feminism if I want more rights for men so we’re all equal?”

Firstly, it’s feminism simply because it’s concerned with gender inequality. This doesn’t mean we don’t care about anyone else; personally, as a feminist concerned with intersectionality, I am also aware of and passionate about fighting for equal rights regarding sexuality, race, disability etc. but it’s not always possible to do all of these things at once. ‘Feminist’ is the word I use for the part of my identity that specifically fights for equal rights for all women. It’s important to remember that we’re not just talking about women in the United Kingdom, living in a first-world and liberal country. We’re talking about all women, and worldwide, women’s rights are far behind men’s. This remains pretty undisputed; therefore, true gender quality requires a worldwide fight for women’s rights. I am, at the time of writing, unaware of any rights which men would have to obtain in order to have a completely equal society.

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Sexuality, South Park and Self-Esteem: A Blog on Body Image

This week’s episode of South Park made me weep.

So I’m into telly. Like I’m far too emotionally invested in my shows, happy to argue ’til I’m blue in the face over the validity of television as an art form, and intent on keeping up with the American TV schedules – that sort of big-time “into telly”. Usually I’m a bit sceptical about animated programs; I’m not an avid Simpsons, Family Guy or American Dad watcher, but I am a really, really big South Park fan, and the Season 17 finalé reminded me why. You can criticise the crude or cheap gags as much as you want, but there’s no denying that this show does satire in a breath-takingly, gut-wrenchingly honest way, and this episode is right up there in Season 17’s social commentary with World War Zimmerman (which starts as one thing and finishes as another in a way that actually made my jaw drop. Worth watching, no matter your views on SP.)

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Stop Silence 2013

The world lost a great man this week. There aren’t really words for the respect, admiration and love that Nelson Mandela deserves. I very clearly remember learning about his work in Year Two history, and we were honoured the share this Earth with him. The work he did for the fight against racism will never be forgotten.

Meanwhile, last week, #stopblackgirls2013 trended worldwide on Twitter. The user @BlackGirlsStop – encouraging submissions of images that can be used to shame black girls’ bodies, sexualities and lives – has over 7,000 followers, most (if not all) of which appear to be either white or men. Worse, this disgusting account, proclaiming that “All these ratchet black girls need to stop!” is one of many. I’m writing about this because, in my opinion, if there’s one way we can pay our respects to Mandela’s life, it’s by continuing to fight against racism.

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poem: “just”

there are not words for how i loved you
the way my lips found the curves in your body
where you swore there were none
your breath against mine, a small stolen
gasp, a hiccup, the faintest laugh teasing

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Me, My Selfie and I

So recently I’ve been thinking a lot about a blog post that just won’t leave my mind. It seems like a pretty trivial subject matter, and it’s short, but for some reason it’s really struck me. It reads as follows:

“i’m just saying, take as many selfies as you want.
there are multi-million dollar companies with old white men as ceos that profit off of your low self-esteem and self-hate.

destroy them.

love yourself.”

Such are the sentences that have been whirring round in my brain ever since.

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blog to go here

And all that jazz…

In the meantime, here’s a thing that I wrote once. I quite like it. Enjoy!

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