poem: “just”

by ejkendall

there are not words for how i loved you
the way my lips found the curves in your body
where you swore there were none
your breath against mine, a small stolen
gasp, a hiccup, the faintest laugh teasing

one foot, then the other – and yet, these days
i can’t feel the rhythm of distance and pace
the left-right-left that leads me away
the right-left-right that begs me to stay
a natural rhythm we all must obey
the things that i don’t have the language to say
i stutter, and stumble, and fall.

the places we were and will not again be
where i felt your heart flutter as it beat next to me

the marks on your shoulder
where my teeth clung to your bone
crimson and purple, they wrote
never leave me

(It’s been months since I’ve been as nervous as I am posting poetry! For me, it’s the literary equivalent of that nightmare where you’re naked in front of everyone you know. Eeeeek!!!))